Kiren Shrivastav

Known as a dreamer with great ambitions, Kiren Shrivastav displays an innovative sense of enterprise that is remarkable. Founder of Fempowerment and CEO of Molecule Communications, Kiren is an astute business strategist, a versatile media expert and a brand emerging on her own. In an ocean of serious entrepreneurs, Kiren has the coveted playful touch stemming from music and dance who quite appealingly procures her desirous outcomes in her involvements. As an ambitious entrepreneur, she represents the outgoing, aggressive, and a colossal spirit towards Marketing ,Entertainment ,Communications Business Strategy, & Philanthropy. Her company, Molecule Communications Pvt. Ltd. (USA & India), founded in 2007, is the edifice of her entrepreneurial spirit which does not settle for anything less than excellence. Leveraging on her skill set and professional acumen, Kiren has garnered an impressive network of urbane professionals to promote the functioning and growth of Molecule. Her clarity of thoughts galvanized with a savvy understanding of the market enables her to empathetically approach people she is associated with. A decisive, yet gentle businesswoman who’s brand itself has been forged by the flames of experience of countless professional and personal vicissitudes, is composed of every indestructible atom of integrity, beauty, diligence, and praxis which makes Kiren a fastidious force to account for. Affirmed by a kaleidoscope of clientele in the Corporate, Entertainment, Fashion industries, Kiren shows an indefatigable love for life using every cell of existence at her disposal in her chosen projects. “In Love With Life is her mantra where she strongly believes that men and women are not equal, they are different and cannot be compared

Founder-CEO: Molecule

Founder-Fempowerment Women Achievers Awards

Chairperson-CFBP Consumer Film Festival

CO-Founder-MMA Champions league

Director-Divine Touch Foundation

Director-Nectar Nectar –

Meraj Shaikh

Meraj Shaikh is a Film Producer who has been part of the cinema fraternity for last 20 years . He has executed award winning films like Gangs of Wasseypur , Lunchbox , Once upon a time in Mumbai , Shaitan , Omertà and other films like Aiyaa , Bombay Talkies , Peddlars ,Mickey Virus , Trishna , Poorna , Tigers and many more. He specialises in production both on Indian as well as international shores.

Ajay Shrivastav

A Creative Passionate and Conscious Entrepreneur based in New York having build some of the top international brands from Betsey Johnson to Armani ,and international celebrities like Jennifer Lopez to Britney Speares having more than 30 years of experience in Lifestyle business globally Ajay adds the international perspective to the projects and is focused on working with a purpose !